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ITC  Sponsor Highlights:

In today’s difficult economy we must make it as easy as possible for our customers. 

In this regard, International Temperature Control, Inc. can be of great assistance. 

With ITC you are seeing what is more than likely the most complete line of Hot Runner Mold Temperature Control Systems & Accessories in the industry.

If you want the best systems & accessories, at the best price, with the best service & delivery, they need look no further than ITC. 

This is not a new philosophy for ITC; it always has been and always will be the way we do business.

What we offer:

·        Modular based temperature control system = Our TC-2000 line of modular based systems is extensive, full featured and competitively priced.  The TC-2000 line is available in configurations of (1) to (48) zones or more with main frames packages of 15 or 30 amps.

·        Computerized systems with large LCD screens = Our VISIONS 3000 more than fits the bill.  Additionally to being fully featured and very simple to use, they are the most ruggedly built systems on the market and at a reasonable cost.  The VISIONS 3000 systems are normally provide up to 256 zones or more, with various amperage and power configurations.

·        Systems outside of the ordinary = Unlike others in the industry, ITC has made it a standard practice of providing systems tailored to our customers specific requirements.

·        Accessories – Cables & Connectors = What ever the connector configuration, number of zones, cable type or length, we provide mold power & thermocouple cables & connectors to meet any and all needs at a reasonable cost with a fast delivery cycle. 

·        Mold Junction Boxes = We offer junction boxes in two arrangement, either plane or pre-wired with numbered and color coded terminal strips.  Our junction boxes are manufactured from heavy gage steel and powder coated.

·        Portable Floor Stands = Are offered for all our modular systems.

·        Transformer Packages = Offered complete with heavy duty welded stand with locking casters, fused disconnect and completely wired.  If ordered with a temperature control system they whole system will be wired and ready to run when it arrives.

·        Service = After the two year warranty period we repair our modules for a flat cost of $50.00 ea.